Truth or Consequences 10km, 25km, 50km Trail Race

Part of the Perth Trail Series.


14th August 2016 from 6:30am


Jarrahdale/Serpentine National Park

Pick your passion! The Truth, the whole Truth, or nothing but the consequences…which could mean a dreaded DNF…Or, feeling unprepared to tackle 50km of hills, rocks, boulders, single track, fire trail, steeps, flats, ruts, and pea gravel! So we give you an option, run the Half Truth instead.

Truth or Consequences, the ultra, comprises two loops, bragging rights over Half Truth mates, +1680 metres of elevation.

Half Truth: 25 km +/- 840 metres

Truth or Consequences (two loops): 50km +/- 1680 metres (Bonus: bragging rights over Half Truth mates)

Partial Truth: 10 km +/- 200 metres

Course description:

Half Truth comprises one 25km loop from Jarrahdale through Serpentine National Park, passing some Perth Trail Series icons along the way. The course starts with a short bitumen section to get you out of town, past the old cemetery. This will spread the field out comfortably, so everyone can enjoy several kilometres of sweet, descending single track at their own pace. Let the pretty descent lull you into a false sense of comfort. You’ll want to hold onto that feeling for later. The single track is quite technical, with boulders in places. You will use your hands at least once. Hopefully it’s not to pick yourself up off the ground.

Passing the “fig house,” you’ll head into the main park itself (aid station location), before encountering the first major climb, log jump, then drop waaaaay down to pass the fig house again (from another access point). From there, you’re into the second major climb – “The Three Steps.” A few corrugations in the elevation profile later and you drop down to Serpentine River. We all know what happens after you cross a river. Yup, hill climb! Find some good company along the trail to distract you from your pounding heart and enjoy the double-wide trails up into Jarrahdale. The loop has +840 metres of elevation.

Partial Truth: 10 km +/- 200 metres

‘Partial Truth’ is an out and back course. It’s perfect for those that are brand new to trail running, or not ready to conquer the 25km distance.

For more information visit the Perth Trail Series Website.