Sandman II

True Grit reflects the regularity of astronomy, a race aligned with a new moon, a low, low tide, and a perfectly timed sunrise. Whether you share the moment in company, sifting through the remains of last night’s high tide, or go it alone with silent stingrays and dancing crabs, admiring the improbable grace of pelicans, this 25 km beach run promises a mostly firm and flat surface, with up to 7 shallow water crossings.

You will be able to run freely in the coolness either side of dawn, but you will also get wet feet, and shoes are definitely optional. There are no roads or pavements – just start to finish sand, water and rocks, the way nature intended it.

$20 of each entry goes to the Leukaemia Foundation


14th January 2017


Busselton to Dunsborough


25km Start Busselton Jetty 4:30am

12km Start Sea Rescue in Quindalup 6:30am

6km Start Sea Rescue in Quindalup 7:00am