Heroes & Villains Themed Rockingham Parkrun 3rd Birthday

ROCKINGHAM PARKRUN IS TURNING 3!! That’s right, 3 awesome years of Rockingham parkrun.

To celebrate, we are having a themed parkrun. Not just superheroes, that would be too boring! We also need villains to keep the superheroes on their toes. So come dressed as your favourite superhero or villain, or come dressed as any variation in the neverending battle between good versus evil.

We will also be able to celebrate some of the everyday community heroes, with the Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue group on hand to sell bacon and egg burgers post-run to feed hungry tummies. (Please note: the RVSR are planning on catering for 200, so let us know if you are coming so we can make sure they can sell them all and they won’t be left with stock). Also attending will be the Rockingham Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service with one of their trucks for the kids to check out.

And it’s a given that there will be cakes…

So who’s in???? And where do you stand…are you a hero or a villain?